Matthieu Moy <> writes:


My $0.02:

* Allow "git add -p" to use "git diff --color-words" to show hunks 

  Check if you can use the existing --word-diff=porcelain output somehow
  to get it done in pure perl.  Alternatively, try to hack a word-diff
  mode where it spews out both the line-diff (for later application) and
  the word-diff (for display) in some clever format, so that the perl
  code can easily match them up.  If neither one is possible my feeling
  is that it's one of the hardest tasks on the list.  (Not to
  discourcage anyone from trying, but still.)

* git pull --set-upstream

  This is vaguely related to another itch that nobody has bothered to
  fix: 'git fetch origin foo' should really update origin/foo.  This has
  been discussed on the list a few times already:

  which by the way would be a *great* thing to fix, hint hint ;-)  and
  since Peff already posted a POC patch in the first thread, it's
  probably not that hard.  (Peff?)

* Allow git send-email --cc ',' instead
  of git send-email --cc --cc

  That would be really nice.  Bonus points if it handles continuation
  lines etc. correctly, so that it's even easier to paste.

Thomas Rast
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