Thomas Rast <> writes:

> My $0.02:

(BTW, feel free to edit the wiki. I've added a few bits from your
message there already).

> * Allow "git add -p" to use "git diff --color-words" to show hunks 
>   If neither one is possible my feeling is that it's one of the
>   hardest tasks on the list. (Not to discourcage anyone from trying,
>   but still.)

Yes, this was already inferable from the "See also the GSoC proposal"
statement and our discussions on GSoCs on this list ;-). It's not funny
if all projects are easy, but it's not a coincidence if this idea has
been there for a while without being implemented.

> * git pull --set-upstream
>   This is vaguely related to another itch that nobody has bothered to
>   fix: 'git fetch origin foo' should really update origin/foo.  This has
>   been discussed on the list a few times already:
>   which by the way would be a *great* thing to fix, hint hint ;-)  and
>   since Peff already posted a POC patch in the first thread, it's
>   probably not that hard.  (Peff?)

My understanding is that this would be technically easy to fix, but a
migration plan is needed, which isn't easy for a one-shot, one-month

I've added it to the wiki.

> * Allow git send-email --cc ',' instead
>   of git send-email --cc --cc
>   That would be really nice.  Bonus points if it handles continuation
>   lines etc. correctly, so that it's even easier to paste.

Added to the wiki too.


Matthieu Moy
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