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2013/4/16 Thomas Rast <tr...@inf.ethz.ch>:
> Ralf Thielow <ralf.thie...@gmail.com> writes:
>>  msgid "You are currently reverting commit %s."
>> -msgstr "Sie sind gerade bei einer binären Suche in Zweig '%s'."
>> +msgstr "Sie kehren gerade Version '%s' um."
> Is revert->umkehren new?  I can see it's in the glossary, but

Yes, I've added it recently to the glossary. I've only checked the
glossary and didn't find it. I didn't check de.po for past usages, though.

>   #: sequencer.c:536
>   #, c-format
>   msgid "could not revert %s... %s"
>   msgstr "Konnte %s nicht zurücksetzen... %s"
>   #: sequencer.c:1016
>   msgid "Can't revert as initial commit"
>   msgstr "Kann nicht zu initialer Version zurücksetzen."
> which I don't really like either now that you mention it -- I would
> re-translate it as 'reset'.  But either way they should be consistent.

I'm not sure I understand. We currently translate "reset" as "neu
which is fine if it means a branch or HEAD ('git reset'), but for commits?
What about "zurücknehmen"?

>>  msgid "Commit %s has an untrusted GPG signature, allegedly by %s."
>> -msgstr ""
>> +msgstr "Version %s hat eine nicht vertrauenswürdige GPG-Signatur, "
>> +"vermeintlich von %s."
>>  msgid "Commit %s has a bad GPG signature allegedly by %s."
>> -msgstr ""
>> +msgstr "Version %s hat eine ungültige GPG-Signatur, vermeintlich von %s."
> You could say "angeblich" instead, which is more to the point.

Yes. Thanks.

>>  #: git-submodule.sh:626
>> -#, fuzzy, sh-format
>> +#, sh-format
>>  msgid "Submodule '$name' ($url) unregistered for path '$sm_path'"
>> -msgstr "Unterprojekt '$name' ($url) ist für Pfad '$sm_path' registriert"
>> +msgstr "Unterprojekt '$name' ($url) ist nicht für Pfad '$sm_path' 
>> registriert."
> This is in cmd_deinit(), and the comment for the enclosing block says
>   # Remove the whole section so we have a clean state when
>   # the user later decides to init this submodule again
> So it would seem to use "unregister" as a verb, not an adjective, and
> the correct translation is
>   msgstr "Unterprojekt '$name' ($url) für '$sm_path' deregistriert."
> or some such.  "Deregistriert" is not very nice; in the absence of
> context I would suggest "ausgetragen", but that problably collides with
> our use of "eintragen".  Perhaps you can go the long way for this
> isolated use and just say "aus der Konfiguration entfernt" (and
> similarly for 'register').

Thanks. I prefer your "aus der Konfiguration entfernt/eingetragen".

> In any case you should also add 'register' and 'unregister' to the
> glossary once you've settled on something.

Yes, I'll do.

> --
> Thomas Rast
> trast@{inf,student}.ethz.ch
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