Duy Nguyen wrote:
> Well, it has "submodule" in the command line. My first reaction would
> be looking for "git submodule rm" or something.

No, 'git submodule rm' cannot remove the corresponding GITDIR.  What
if there are other branches that refer to the submodule?  What if you
want to remove it from this branch and add it to another branch?

> No, the point is people make mistakes. What do we do in that case? Or
> will you introduce yet another "gc" command for clean up ~/bare?

So, people don't make mistakes when they use 'git submodule add', but
do make mistakes when using 'git clone'?  How has the problem
_changed_ with my patch?  It's reasonable to point it out as an
existing problem, and ask for it to be fixed independent of this
discussion, but that is not what you are doing.

git cannot read your mind to determine if you made a mistake, if
that's what you're asking.  No, a gc equivalent won't work either (and
there's nothing in the current submodule world), because it is
impossible to determine if a workdir is attached to that GITDIR
somewhere on your filesystem.

You'll have to do _something_ to say that you don't want that GITDIR
anymore.  It's reasonable to request tooling to help with this task,
but your request is entirely different.
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