Duy Nguyen wrote:
> No, submodule code does not change "git clone". If I'm not mistaken,
> submodule will not kick in until you type "git submodule something".
> If I turn clone.submoduleGitDir on, how can I undo my mistake in a
> user friendly way?

So, if you currently want to add a submodule, you have to 'git
submodule add', which runs clone internally apart from other things.
How do you undo this mistake?

What I'm essentially proposing is to give the job of cloning back to
clone, and the job of adding back to add, instead of creating an
unnatural abstraction over them using 'git submodule add'.  The point
being: why would you ever _want_ to clone inside a worktree unless you
intend to add a submodule?  In other words, you intent for running a
'git clone' inside a worktree is exactly the same as your intent for
running a 'git submodule add' inside a worktree.  Ofcourse, if you
have a fringe case where that was _not_ your intent, we'll provide a
command-line switch to turn off the relocation for that clone.
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