From: "Ramkumar Ramachandra" <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 12:56 PM

We've been over this several times in earlier emails.  [...]

Again, I'm not saying that my approach is Correct and Final.  What I'm
saying is: "Here's what I've done.  Something interesting is going on.
It's probably worth a look?"

    The point is to
have structured parseable information that the object-parsing code of
git code and easily slurp and give to the rest of git-core.

Please clear your reading backlog to avoid bringing up the same points
over and over again.

The email thread is pretty long with a lot of too and fro, that would be difficult to catch up on (too much $dayjob+$family vs $sparetime).

Would it be possible to summarise the key points and proposals of where the subject is now?

The submodules does need 'fixing', as does agreeing the problem and abuse cases.

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