I asked this on stackoverflow, but no reply.

Suppose master and origin/master diverged.
I'm on master and I want to put the commits from origin/master after my commits 
and then push --force.  

         A---B---C origin/master
    D---E---F---G *master

desired result:

         A---B---C origin/master
    D---E---F---G---A'---B'---C' *master

Variant 1:

    git branch -f tmp
    git reset --hard origin/master
    git rebase tmp

This variant is bad, because 'git reset --hard' checks out some files and 'git 
rebase' rewrites them again before applying commits. It's a redundant job.  
Variant 2:

    git branch -f tmp origin/master
    git rebase --onto master master tmp
    git branch -f master
    git checkout master

Too many commands. I want to do this with just one command. And I want
to stay be on branch master in case of rebase conflicts.

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