Am 4/18/2013 10:33, schrieb Ilya Basin:
> JS> Perhaps this one:
> JS>    git merge origin/master
> JS>    git rebase ORIG_HEAD
> JS> -- Hannes
> Wouldn't I have to resolve conflicts twice?

Yes. But you did run 'git config rerere.enabled true' when you started
with git, didn't you? ;-)

Anyway, Johan's idea to use git cherry-pick is much better.

> BTW, during the rebase, can I tell git to rewrite a different branch
> upon rebase success or abort?
>     git branch -f tmp origin/master
>     git rebase --onto master master tmp
>     if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
>        # modify some file in .git/ ?

What do you expect here? Failure of git rebase means that it is not
complete, yet. So far, nothing has been rewritten. So what? Perhaps you mean:
        # never mind
        git rebase --abort

>     else
>         git branch -f master
>         git checkout master
>     fi

-- Hannes
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