Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:

>> If this were _only_ to be used within send-email (i.e. replacing the
>> "then send it out" above with "then use send-email" to limit the
>> usecase), "git cc-cmd" would be a reasonable name.  But if that is
>> the intended use case, it would even be more reasonable to make this
>> logic part of send-email and trigger it with --auto-cc-reviewers
>> option or something.
> Yeap, but I wouldn't want to be the one that implements that in perl.

That is OK.  None of this has to be done by you.

And we seem to be in agreement that the feature deserves to be its
own command, so it does not have to be in Perl, either.

>> But I think it can be useful outside the context of send-email as
>> well, and having one independent tool that does one single job well
>> is a better design.  Perhaps it is better to name it less specific
>> to send-email's cc-cmd option.  "git people"?  "git whom"?  "git
>> reviewers"?  I dunno, but along those lines.
> 'git relevant'? 'git related'? It's not only people, also commits.

Let's let it simmer on the list for a few days so that other people
can come up with a better name.
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