Johannes Sixt <> writes:

>> But I think it can be useful outside the context of send-email as
>> well, and having one independent tool that does one single job well
>> is a better design.  Perhaps it is better to name it less specific
>> to send-email's cc-cmd option.  "git people"?  "git whom"?  "git
>> reviewers"?  I dunno, but along those lines.
> Would it make sense to integrate this in git shortlog, which already
> does something similar?

Conceptually, yes, but the end result will be much larger in scope.
I am not sure if "shortlog" is still a good label for it.

"shortlog", when it internally runs "log" [*1*], is still about the
commits within the range given to the command; "shortlog A..B" talks
only about commits within A..B range.  This new thing is about what
happened to the part of the code A..B touches in the past
(i.e. before A happened), which feels a bit different.


*1* It can be used as a filter to "git log" output, which is a bit
    different animal, but it still is about shortening that incoming
    log, not about independently digging the history using the input
    as a starting point.

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