Matthieu Moy <> writes:

> Thomas Rast <> writes:
>> So how can we fix that?  We could try to somehow figure out that M:sub/
>> refers to the same thing as M^2:/, by looking at them at the tree level.
>> Let's provisionally call this --follow-tree-rename.
> There was a patch serie long ago that implemented directory rename
> detection:
> I'm not sure why it hasn't been merged.

I have forgotten about this topic (and its numerous iterations in
the past), but it appears me that people mostly lost interest after
v7 review cycle where the series looked like a solution that is
looking for a problem.

I took another quick look at it now, but it tells me that the series
was a good platform to discuss the design and the goals but it was
far from ready with comments like this "// FIXME: leaks like sieve".

As to the design (not the implementation), I find what are in the
documentation updates in [v9 2/6] more or less reasonable, even
though I still doubt that foo/ => bar/, when the constituent files
are not moved a la "mv foo/* bar/." is useful.  The change in [v9
3/6] is distasteful and should just be killed.

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