Joel Jacobson <> writes:

> Signed-off-by: Joel Jacobson <>
> ---
>  builtin/commit.c | 4 +++-

No docs?  No tests?

As to the design, any regular configuration variable settings must
be overridable from the command line for a single invocation. Please
design an escape hatch in, for somebody who has this configuration
variable set, but does not want to sign this commit he is about to

Also do we generally use dash in the configuration variable names?
I thought the norm was section.CamelCase.

> +       if (!strcmp(k, "commit.gpg-sign"))
> +               return git_config_string(&sign_commit, k, v);
>         if (!strcmp(k, "commit.cleanup"))
>                 return git_config_string(&cleanup_arg, k, v);
> --
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