Joel Jacobson venit, vidit, dixit 23.04.2013 02:00:
> On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 12:43 AM, Junio C Hamano <> wrote:
>> No docs?  No tests?
> Maybe simply adding this text to git-commit.txt,
> The default can be changed by the 'commit.gpg-sign' configuration
> variable (see linkgit:git-config[1]).
> after,
> -S[<keyid>]::
> --gpg-sign[=<keyid>]::
> GPG-sign commit.
> would be sufficient?
> Not sure what the proper way to test this,
> could you please suggest any other unit test I could look at for inspiration?
>> As to the design, any regular configuration variable settings must
>> be overridable from the command line for a single invocation. Please
>> design an escape hatch in, for somebody who has this configuration
>> variable set, but does not want to sign this commit he is about to
>> make.
> Something like --no-gpg-sign?
>> Also do we generally use dash in the configuration variable names?
>> I thought the norm was section.CamelCase.
> Since the command line long option is "gpg-sign", I thought it was best
> to use exactly the same term in the configuration variable name to
> avoid confusion. Is there any problem with dashes in variable names?

Not really a problem, but as Junio writes, we don't use dashes in the

As for the command line override:

Don't we have "git -c commit.gpgsign=false" and such these days, so that
we don't have to inflate options any more?

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