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> My point is simple: yes, it's nice to have a big user base.  We
> already do.  Now, what's the point of pitching to end-users who only
> use the most basic functionality?  Their inputs are likely to be
> useless (arising from misunderstandings) anyway.  They're not going to
> be the next developers.  And they're not going to help create what our
> next developer is looking for in us either (i.e. codebase, community).

That is your mistake right there. They *are* the next developers, you
yourself came from there. We all did.

In fact, this notion that there's a divide between users and
developers is a myth; it's a continuum that follows the Pareto
distribution. It happens in every healthy open source project.

And this is not an assumption, I've measured it:


70% of the commits in git.git come from people that have provided less
than 6 patches. That 70% (maybe 80%, maybe 90%) would have never
happened, if git didn't have a large enough user-base. I'm not
idolizing the user-base, this project *is* the user-base, developers
are users, and without users there's no project.

Again, in the words of Linus: no project is more important than it's users.


Felipe Contreras
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