Okay, one more segment needs to be responded to.

Felipe Contreras wrote:
> If remote-hg wasn't available for users, they would be hurt; if stash
> wasn't available, if rebase --interactive didn't exist, if there was
> no msysgit, if it wasn't so fast, if the object model wasn't so simple
> and extensible; users would be hurt. And if users didn't have all
> these, there would be less users, and if there were less users, there
> would be less developers, and mercurial might have been more popular,
> and most repositories you have to work on would be in mercurial, and
> you might be developing mercurial right now.

Flawed logic.

A large number of users doesn't automatically imply good software with
lots of features, or even a great development community.  A great
development community leads to great software.  And great software
leads to lots of users.  Sure, there's a feedback loop pushing users
to become developers; but it doesn't start with users of vaporware,
leading to more developers joining the effort to turn that vaporware
into a great product.

Life doesn't begin with users.
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