Ramkumar Ramachandra wrote:

>                    A..B and A...B do not correspond to the meaning
> specified in gitrevisions.txt.  There's a note in the documentation
> saying this, but I'm very unhappy.

What would it mean for A..B to be treated as a revision range?

Suppose I do a revision walk and come up with the commits x, y,
and z.  What is the resulting diff?

The common syntax is just a mnemonic: in the same situations as I
might use "git log A...B", it can be handy to use "git diff A...B".

> What about other things like 'git diff ^A ^B' and 'git diff A^!'?  Why
> is diff so inconsistent with everything else?

"git diff ^A ^B" is invalid syntax.  It's a bug that it doesn't

"git diff A^!" is a very convenient shorthand for "git diff A^ A".

"diff" is fundamentally about comparing two endpoints.  It is not a
command for listing commits.

Hoping that clarifies,
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