Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Yeah, I am not strongly opposed to have something like that, and
> having a shorter (but not a single letter) option name might make it
> more attractive than A...B at least to new users.

I'm not married to the single character or tilde.  What I'm saying is
that we should make it a rev spec, not a command-line option.

> Which by the way is nothing new.  "A" means the entire history
> leading to the commit "A" in the context of specifying a range, and
> the same "A" means a single commit "A" in the context of specifying
> a revision.

Exactly.  And I'm introducing a third context: "when specifying two
trees to diff".  Changing meaning in different contexts is not a
problem, as long as it is consistent and properly documented.
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