Thomas Rast wrote:
> * Looking for the nearest fork point is expensive and subject to change
>   by simply fetching.  I hope you meant "... and exclude its upstream",
>   i.e., A defaults to @{u}, which might be at least somewhat useful.

I'm not proposing anything different from :/ in this aspect.

> * ~ is already taken; in your syntax, A~1234567 is ambiguous because
>   1234567 can both be a SHA1 and a number of generations to go back.

I'm not married to ~.  It can be any character.

> I personally think we have enough magic revision syntax to last at least
> another decade.  If you propose to add some, please make a patch that we
> can cook in next for a few release cycles and then conduct a straw poll
> if people actually use it.

Isn't it obviously incredibly useful?  I'm working on a topic branch I
need to send out to git.git, and I want see how my WIP looks: should I
have to rebase on master just to see this?

Why such a huge resistance against such a small feature?  Can you
think of ways in which it is myopic (and therefore a pain to keep
supporting, if we find it undesirable)?

On a related note- In my opinion, :/ is broken, because it blocks
composition completely.  I would've really liked {:/quuxery}~3.
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