Thomas Rast wrote:
> I already hate half of the existing syntax, and I cannot remember using
> ^! (except while investigating what 'git diff C^!' does and why not),
> ^@, @{-N} (only the related 'git checkout -'), @{date} and @{relative},
> ^{}, :/foo, and ^{/foo}, *at all*.

I'm actually totally in love with the existing syntax (with the
possible exception of :/).  I think it's extremely terse and
expressive.  People who don't care about such flexibility and power
can stick to using ~ and ^.  Enabling other users with additional
syntax doesn't harm them in any way.

> ^{/foo} is the same as :/foo, except it properly groups.

No, not at all.  First of all, ^{/foo} is invalid: you need to specify
a ref to dig through, like HEAD^{/foo}.  OTOH, :/foo returns a match
from any ref.
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