Am 4/25/2013 13:21, schrieb Michael J Gruber:
> Johannes Sixt venit, vidit, dixit 25.04.2013 12:59:
>> Am 4/25/2013 12:09, schrieb Michael J Gruber:
>>> fc407f9 (Add new simplified git-remote-testgit, 2012-11-28) introduced a
>>> test which was meant to skip the test unless the test shell is bash.
>>> Unfortunately, it tests for the availability of bash only. But users can
>>> opt to use a different shell (using SHELL_PATH) for the tests even though
>>> bash is available.
>> After my patch this morning ("avoid process substitution"), there is not
>> much bashism left in git-remote-testgit:
> Is that a patch you submitted?

It is not the patch I submitted this morning, but a patch on top that
removes the remaining bashisms from git-remote-testgit.

> No, the problem (that I'm adressing) is not git-remote-testgit which
> uses bash unconditionally, independent of SHELL_PATH.
> The problem is bashism(s) in t5801 itself. That is completely orthogonal
> to your (non-) patch.

OK. But wouldn't it be nicer to remove that bashism as well and have
portable t5801 and git-remote-testgit? :-)

-- Hannes
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