Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> Michael J Gruber <g...@drmicha.warpmail.net> writes:
>> fc407f9 (Add new simplified git-remote-testgit, 2012-11-28) introduced a
>> test which was meant to skip the test unless the test shell is bash.
>> Unfortunately, it tests for the availability of bash only.
> True.
>> But users can
>> opt to use a different shell (using SHELL_PATH) for the tests even though
>> bash is available.
>> At least for dash,
>> 21610d8 (transport-helper: clarify pushing without refspecs, 2013-04-17)
>> is the commit which actually introduces a test (pushing without refspec)
>> which fails to fail even though it is supposed to. It uses the
>> construct:
>> VAR=value function arguments
> The right fix for that is to fix that line, so that the test itself
> can run under any sane POSIX shell, isn't it?  The test in turn may
> need to run git-remote-testgit, which, without J6t's updates, only
> is usable under bash, but to make sure the test will choke on
> absence of bash, the existing check should be sufficient, no?

Curiously enough, there were a few instances of the correct "set and
export environment explicitly during the life of subshell" construct
already in the script.  I found only this one as problematic.

Does it fix your issue without your change?

It is a separate issue to port git-remote-testgit to POSIX (J6t
already has a two part draft), move it to git-remote-testgit.sh, and
get its shebang line preprocessed like all other shell scripts.  I
think it is worth doing.


 t/t5801-remote-helpers.sh | 4 +++-
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/t/t5801-remote-helpers.sh b/t/t5801-remote-helpers.sh
index 4dcf744..c956abd 100755
--- a/t/t5801-remote-helpers.sh
+++ b/t/t5801-remote-helpers.sh
@@ -118,7 +118,9 @@ test_expect_success 'pushing without refspecs' '
        (cd local2 &&
        echo content >>file &&
        git commit -a -m ten &&
-       GIT_REMOTE_TESTGIT_REFSPEC="" test_must_fail git push 2>../error) &&
+       test_must_fail git push 2>../error) &&
        grep "remote-helper doesn.t support push; refspec needed" error
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