Michael Heemskerk <mheemsk...@atlassian.com> writes:

> Re-sent to the mailing list because the original was bounced (HTML subpart):
> ...
> With the patch applied, the server ignores the shallow line mentioned by
> the server and will not send a "shallow" or "unshallow" line for it back to
> the client. This scenario is not explicitly described in pack-protocol.txt
> but I'd be happy to add it to. I'll also update the comment to cover this
> aspect.
> As Duy pointed out, it doesn't cause problems in the current C Git
> implementation: the client adds a new entry to the shallow file for each
> "shallow" line it receives from the server and removes an entry for each
> "unshallow" line it receives. Any current shallow object that is not
> mentioned by the server is still marked as shallow after the fetch.
> I think that's how it should be: it should be the client's
> responsibility to track
> the list of objects it only has in shallow form. It should not rely on
> the server
> to tell it what that list is. Again, an extra line or two in pack-protocol.txt
> would help to clear this up.
> ...
>> > I do not seem to find the patch you are responding to, so I do not
>> > know how the patch handled the unshallowing part, but the impression
>> > I got from reading the log message quoted is that the patch was not
>> > even aware of the issue.
>> I can't find it on gmane.org either. Patch quoted below.

OK, the change the patch text shows looks sensible to me.  Can you
resend it in full, with the log message, your sign-off, and Duy's
"Reviewed-by:", so that it can be applied?


>> On Sat, Apr 20, 2013 at 8:05 PM, Michael Heemskerk
>> <mheemsk...@atlassian.com> wrote:
>> > diff --git a/Documentation/technical/pack-protocol.txt
>> > b/Documentation/technical/pack-protocol.txt
>> > index f1a51ed..b898e97 100644
>> > --- a/Documentation/technical/pack-protocol.txt
>> > +++ b/Documentation/technical/pack-protocol.txt
>> > @@ -228,8 +228,7 @@ obtained through ref discovery.
>> ...
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