Ramkumar Ramachandra <artag...@gmail.com> writes:

>>> $ git log rebase.autostash ^$(git merge-base rebase.autostash master)
>> Depending on which one of B or C is chosen it is either one of these:
>>  - range "^B H" which lists "H G D C"
>>  - range "^C H" which lists "H G D B"
>> neither of which is more useful than "H G D", as it shows irrelevant
>> "other merge base" you did not pick.
> Correction:
> Range "^B H" lists "H G D A..C" while range "^C H" lists "H G D A..B".

Now you confused me.  A is reachable from B (or C) and you
are saying "^B H" (or "^C H").  Why does either of it show A?

Wait.  What does "lists H G D A..C" even mean?  H, G and D I would
understand, but how does "log" ever "list" A..C???

Now you really confused me.

A is not listed (it is explicitly marked uninteresting by being on
the left side of double-dots).  So we see either "H G D C" or "H G D
B".  We see no A in either case, no?

> In reality, it shows A..B, which is what I want and what am claiming
> is "useful".

What does it mean "log" "In reality" shows A..B?  Didn't you just
say it either lists "H G D C" or "H G D B"?  Neither B nor C is what
you did since you forked?  Now, what did you do since you folked
(which is the question you are asking)?  You made commit D,
back-merged from upstream to record G, and then made another commit
H.  That "H G D", which is what you get from "log F..H", isn't it??
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