Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Wait.  What does "lists H G D A..C" even mean?  H, G and D I would
> understand, but how does "log" ever "list" A..C???
> Now you really confused me.

What you said was technically correct.  I was pointing out that the
graph was misleading because it didn't show any commits between A and
B/C.  A is ofcourse UNINTERESTING.

> What does it mean "log" "In reality" shows A..B?  Didn't you just
> say it either lists "H G D C" or "H G D B"?  Neither B nor C is what
> you did since you forked?  Now, what did you do since you folked
> (which is the question you are asking)?  You made commit D,
> back-merged from upstream to record G, and then made another commit
> H.  That "H G D", which is what you get from "log F..H", isn't it??

Okay, so the question is ill-formed.  The technically correct version
is "which commits are reachable from my branch since I forked off?",
but I don't know if anyone will want to ask that question.  If you
have no more inputs, I'll concede that it's not useful in the log

I'm trying to look for one more command that will find A~B useful, so
we can remove the A...B wart from diff; inventing it just to replace
the wart isn't reason enough.  Do you disagree with the approach?

What are your thoughts on overloading it for rebase?  git rebase
master~ to rebase onto the merge-base of master and HEAD?
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