On Mon, Apr 29, 2013 at 03:22:24PM -0700, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> John Keeping <j...@keeping.me.uk> writes:
> > No, I was the one missing something (--root to be precise).  But with
> > TEST_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY you also get the result files in your temporary
> > location, not just the trash directory.
> With your patch, doesn't "tXXXX-*.sh --root $there" automatically
> use the fast $there temporary location as the result depot, too?

No, the current code uses:

    $TEST_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY/$root/trash\ directory.tXXXX

where we don't prepend $TEST_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY/ if $root is absolute.

> If it doesn't with the current code, shouldn't it?

I think the current behaviour is fine and the two options complement
each other.

TEST_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY is something you set once and forget about which
says "all of the test output should go over here", whereas --root is
passed to a specific test and says "put your output here" but does not
affect the result aggregation which is not specific to that test.

Note that setting TEST_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY in config.mak affects all tests
no matter how you run them (via make or as ./tXXXX-yyyy.sh) whereas
setting --root=... in GIT_TEST_OPTS only affect tests run via make.
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