wrote on Fri, 26 Apr 2013 13:31 -0700:
> Anyway, I think your patch is good if for no other reason that it
> allows this kind of testing, but at least for my machine, clearly the
> current default of eight threads is actually "good enough". Maybe
> somebody with a very different machine might want to run the above
> script and see if how sensitive other machines are to this parameter..

NFS numbers behave as expected:  IO concurrency is key.

1 real 0m23.147s
2 real 0m13.913s
4 real 0m6.958s
8 real 0m4.104s
16 real 0m3.588s
32 real 0m3.212s
64 real 0m3.173s

1 real 1m36.969s
2 real 0m51.627s
4 real 0m32.994s
8 real 0m25.657s
16 real 0m21.260s
32 real 0m18.138s
64 real 0m17.265s

I am tempted to change the default locally from 8 to 32.

                -- Pete
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