Jiang Xin <worldhello....@gmail.com> writes:

> The interactive git clean combines `git clean -n` and `git clean -f`
> together to do safe cleaning, and has more features.
> First it displays what would be removed in columns (so that you can
> see them all in one screen). The user must confirm before actually
> cleaning.
>     WARNING: The following items will be removed permanently. Press "y"
>     WARNING: to start cleaning, and press "n" to abort the cleaning.
>     WARNING: You can also enter the "edit" mode, and select items
>     WARNING: to be excluded from the cleaning.
>       What would be removed...    What would be removed...
>       What would be removed...    What would be removed...

To a user who explicitly _asked_ to run the interactive mode, I find
these four warning lines that shout at the user in all caps way
overkill.  I would have expected the output to begin with a line to
explain what it is listing (e.g. "Cleaning the following files:"),
the list and then

    Remove (Yes/no/edit/?) ?

The existing "add -p" prompt uses this trick to hint the user that a
further help is available by typing "?", and it is a good example to
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