[ Unashamedly offtopic... asking here because I like git design and
coding style, and ppg is drawing plenty of inspiration from the old
git shell scripts. Please kindly flame me privately... ]

ppg is a wrapper around git to maintain and distribute Puppet configs,
adding a few niceties.

Now, ppg will actuall manage two git repositories -- one for the
puppet configs, the second one for ferrying back the puppet run
results to the originating repo (were they get loaded in a puppet
dashboard server for cute webbased reporting). The puppet config repo
is a normally-behaved git repo. The "reports" repo is a bit of a hack
-- never used directly by the user, it will follow a store-and-forward
scheme, where I should trim old history or just use something other
than git.

So I see two possible repo layouts:

- "Transparent, nested"
 .git/ # holding puppet configs, allows direct use of git commands
 .git/reports.git # nested inside puppet configs repo

- "Mediated, parallel"
 .ppg/puppet.git # all git commands must be wrapped

My laziness and laisses-faire take on things drives to to use the
transparent&nested approach. Let the user do anything in there
directly with git.

OTOH, the mediated approach allows for more complete support,
including sanity checks on commands that don't have hooks available. I
already have a /usr/bin/ppg wrapper, which I could use to wrap all git
commands, setting GIT_DIR=.ppg/puppet.git for all ops. It would force
ops to be from the top of the tree (unless I write explicit support)
and I would have to implement explicit. And it would break related
tools that are not mediated via /usr/bin/git (gitk!).

Written this way, it seems to be a minimal lazy approach vs DTRT.

Am I missing any important aspect or option? Thoughts?


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