Adding to that:

Somehow I still feel I should introduce a new attribute "show" (or a
better name) similar to "diff" so that you can specifiy a diff driver to
use for showing a blob (or grepping it), which may or may not be the
same you use for "diff". This would be a much more fine-grained and
systematic way of setting a default for "--textconv" for blobs.

Of course, some driver attributes would just not matter for coverting
blobs, but that doesn't hurt.

I'm just wondering whether it's worth the effort and whether I should
distinguish between "show" and grep".

So, the sructure would be:

"--textconv" is on by default for diff, show, grep.

diff looks for a textconv driver using the "diff" attribute.
show/grep look for a textconv driver using the "show" attribute.

That way, turning on "--textconv" by default does not affect anyone
unless a user specifies the new attribute!

Also, all commands would behave "the same way" if you have both a diff
and a show attribute set on the same files..

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