Michael J Gruber <g...@drmicha.warpmail.net> writes:

> Adding to that:
> Somehow I still feel I should introduce a new attribute "show" (or a
> better name) similar to "diff" so that you can specifiy a diff driver to
> use for showing a blob (or grepping it), which may or may not be the
> same you use for "diff". This would be a much more fine-grained and
> systematic way of setting a default for "--textconv" for blobs.
> Of course, some driver attributes would just not matter for coverting
> blobs, but that doesn't hurt.
> I'm just wondering whether it's worth the effort and whether I should
> distinguish between "show" and grep".

Haven't thought things through, but my gut feeling is that it is on
the other side of the line. We could of course add more features and
over-engineered mechanisms, and the implementation may end up to be
even modular and clean, but I cannot answer "Yes" with a confidence
to the question "Does such a fine grained control help the users?"
and cannot answer "If so in what way?" myself.
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