Johan Herland <> wrote:
> Unfortunately, using "refs/remotes/%1/%*" instead of "refs/remotes/%*"
> breaks a number of git-svn tests which puts refs directly within
> refs/remotes/, and then does things like "git reset --hard trunk"
> (expecting trunk -> refs/remotes/trunk, which the refs/remotes/%1/%*
> doesn't match).
> I don't know if putting refs directly within refs/remotes/ is
> something that git-svn does by default (which would prevent us from
> changing "refs/remotes/%*" to "refs/remotes/%1/%*"), or whether it is
> specific to the tests (in which case we should fix the tests).

Yes, git-svn uses refs/remotes/%* by default.

This was a design mistake on my part.  I think it's too late to change,
now, as existing users will encounter breakage and/or out-of-date
documentation (which is even more confusing, as git-svn is often the
first introduction to git for SVN users).
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