Johan Herland wrote:
> The disambiguation can probably be resolved, although the resulting
> code will obviously be somewhat more cumbersome and ugly (and IMHO the
> current code is plenty of that already...). Combine this with the
> problems of clobbering of the same remote-tracking ref (describe
> above), and the fact that AFAIK a multi-level remote name has never
> been observed "in the wild" (none of the people I asked at the Git
> Merge conference had ever observed multi-level remote names, nor did
> they directly oppose banning them), I'm not at all sure it's worth
> bothering about this at all. Simply disallowing multi-level remote
> names seems like the simpler and naturally ambiguity-resistant
> approach.

The problem with multi-level remote names is that we use the same
delimiter as in the ref namespace: '/'.  So, obviously, there's a lot
of room for confusion.  I wonder if we should banish multi-level
remotes altogether though: is it possible that they will be useful to
someone in the future?
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