Felipe Contreras wrote:
> Does branch.<name>.merge overrides remote.<name>.fetch? No. They
> complement each other.

I often wonder if you are reading what you're responding to:

remote.<name>.fetch is operated on by fetch, while branch.<name>.merge
is operated on by merge; they are really orthogonal.

> The same that 'git pull' does when both branch.<name>.merge and
> remote.<name>.fetch are set.

Are you reading this?

git pull _fetches_ from remote.<name>.fetch and _merges_ from
branch.<name>.merge.  What is "the same" in git push terms?  It's a
simple question; which ref does push update: the one specified by
remote.<name>.push or branch.<name>.push?

> Of course it would work. Does @{u} stop working when remote.<name>.fetch is 
> set?

It doesn't work when _only_ remote.<name>.fetch is set: you need
branch.<name>.merge to determine @{u}, just like you would need
branch.<name>.push to determine @{d}.

> It is a downstream branch.

Which commit does git show @{d} show you?  There is no ref called
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