Ramkumar Ramachandra wrote:
> I guess what I'm saying is: refspec semantics are inherent properties
> of the remote, not of the local branch.

[remote "ram"]
    push = refs/heads/link:refs/heads/for-junio/link

is saying: if the branch name matches "link", push it to for-junio/link.

[branch "link"]
    push = refs/heads/for-junio/link

is saying: push _this_ branch to for-junio/link, irrespective of what
it is called.

An example illustrating this clearly:

# on branch link-v2
# work ...
$ git push
# work ...
# ok, I'm ready to replace link
$ git branch -M link
$ git push
# where should the push go?

Also: putting branch-specific configuration in remote.<name>.push
would mean that it can potentially accumulate a lot of cruft from
deleted branches.  It's the same kind problem we face with .gitignore,
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