Junio C Hamano wrote:
> If somebody implements the "push.default = single" (see the original
> message you are responding to), then the change might be smaller.

I think this is a bad hack covering up an underlying problem: it is
ugly, confusing, and inextensible in my opinion.  I think of
push.default as merely a default remote.<name>.push value for all
remotes, that can be overridden on a per-remote basis.

I suspect that the issue you're trying to address is:

[remote "ram"]
    push = refs/heads/*:refs/heads/rr/*

not dictating which refs to push when I say 'git push' (it'll push all
the refs under refs/heads/*, not respecting push.default=current in my
scheme).  That is a valid problem, and it is a problem with our
refspec: I can say "HEAD" (which is what push.default=current is) to
mean current branch, but I can't dictate the rhs of the refspec then.
In other words, I cannot have the refspec "HEAD:refs/heads/rr/%1", and
_this_ is the problem.

What do you think?
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