On Sat, May 18, 2013 at 1:43 PM, Ramkumar Ramachandra
<artag...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>   % git checkout --set-upstream-to master
> What is the problem you're trying to solve: why do you want an
> upstream set to master?

I have explained that multiple times already. I want all my branches
to have an upstream:

% git config --global branch.autosetupmerge always
% git checkout -b topic master
# stuff
% git rebase -i

> Is it only because of rebase?  We should
> probably get rebase.defaultUpstream = @{u}|origin|...

No. I want to set upstream by myself.

This is what I have now:

  fc/branch/fast               27cff17 [master] branch: add show-tracking option
  fc/build/cleanups            85b0869 [master] build: do not install
  fc/comp/files                4edc621 [master] completion: remove
  fc/comp/ls-remote            0d2d2d7 [master] completion: avoid
ls-remote in certain scenarios
  fc/comp/parse                eb1c813 [master] completion: Use
parse-options raw output for simple long options
  fc/comp/zsh-cleanup          4ad3e4f [master] completion: zsh:
improve bash script loading
  fc/fast-export/cleanup       1714a14 [master] fast-export: refactor
  fc/fast-export/fast-v2       69b24ba [master] fast-{import,export}:
use get_sha1_hex() directly
  fc/fetch/default             1939536 [master] fetch: add new
fetch.default configuration
  fc/head/v4                   be582cf [master] Add new @ shortcut for HEAD
  fc/ident-fix                 74baf50 [master] ident: don't allow
implicit email addresses
  fc/master                    5d63a6e [master] travis: update test command
  fc/related/v5                fad98e7 [master] contrib: related: fix
parsing of rev-list args
  fc/remote-sync               53a1457 [master] remote: add new sync command
  fc/remote/bzr-debug          bed1b93 [fc/remote/bzr-next]
remote-bzr: add debugging information
  fc/remote/bzr-next           1e52047 [next] remote-bzr: add fallback
check for a partial clone
  fc/remote/hg-extra           080301e [fc/remote/hg-next] remote-hg:
store extra hg information in notes
  fc/remote/hg-gitifyhg-compat c4eb2b9 [fc/remote/hg-notes] compat:
remote-hg: use mercurial's username
  fc/remote/hg-next            062400f [master] remote-hg: remove
files before modifications
  fc/remote/hg-notes           2c38768 [fc/remote/hg-next] remote-hg:
support for notes
  fc/remote/hg-pep             f19bd8b [fc/remote/hg-next] remote-hg:
remove unnecessary global definitions
  fc/run-command/simplify      a320010 [master] run-command: simplify
  fc/send-email/series-cc-cmd  2cbe0c3 [master] send-email: add
series-cc-cmd option
  fc/stage/part-1              24c50f8 [master] Add proper 'stage' command
  fc/stage/part-2              c7d0f70 [master] completion: update
--staged options
  fc/stage/part-3              4eaea2f [fc/stage/part-2] completion:
update 'git reset' new stage options
  fc/stage/try-1               a4408b9 [master] tmp
  fc/stage/try-2               b29882d [master] doc: use 'stage' for
common commands
  fc/trivial                   74e1483 [master] remote: trivial style cleanup
* fc/upstream                  1c5f4a5 [master] Add travis configuration
  fc/zsh/fix                   92152c4 [master] completion: trivial fix for zsh
  fc/zsh/sub                   aa1b1cf [master] completion: zsh: custom commands
  master                       de3a5c6 [origin/master] Git 1.8.3-rc3
  next                         75252d8 [origin/next] Sync with 1.8.3-rc3
  old/remote/hg-next-check     d184c81 [master] remote-hg: remove
files before modifications
  stable                       4a9a4f0 [origin/master] Git
  tmp                          0294f83 [origin/next] Merge branch
'fc/master' into tmp
  tmp2                         4170e70 [work] Merge branch 'work' into tmp2
  work                         4e7f4b3 [master] tmp

I can do:

% git checkout fc/remote/hg-next
% git rebase -i # rebase to master
% git checkout fc/remote/hg-notes
% git rebase -i # rebase to fc/remote/hg-next
% git checkout fc/remote/hg-gitifyhg-compat
% git rebase -i # rebase to fc/remote/hg-notes

I don't have to think about it. The relationship between branches
makes everything just work.

Felipe Contreras
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