Felipe Contreras wrote:
> % git checkout fc/remote/hg-next
> % git rebase -i # rebase to master
> % git checkout fc/remote/hg-notes
> % git rebase -i # rebase to fc/remote/hg-next
> % git checkout fc/remote/hg-gitifyhg-compat
> % git rebase -i # rebase to fc/remote/hg-notes

So it is rebase, but rebase.defaultUpstream = origin won't suffice.
You want to specify a custom base.  What I don't understand is why
you're abusing @{u}, and crippling remote (by hard-interpreting it as
"origin") to achieve this.  For the record, I didn't think your
branch.<name>.base was a bad idea at all (re-visiting now).
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