Michael J Gruber <g...@drmicha.warpmail.net> writes:

> Well, if we decide "showing blobs with textconv is fundamentally
> different from showing diffs with textconv" then "--textconv" should not
> apply any textconv filters on blobs unless the user has specified them
> using a separate attribute (different from "diff").

I had an impression that the ship has already sailed wrt to "diff"
being pretty much interchangeable as "text" (or "non binary") in the
attribute system long time ago.

> Therefore, I hesitate introducing the behavior of the current series.
> For me, it would introduce something of a "mixed beast".
> I wouldn't hesitate introducing "textconv on by default for blobs the
> same as for diffs",

I would.  But I wouldn't for "the user asks for --textconv, the user
expects the blob shown with mangling", which sounds like a good
thing to do.

And there is anything wrong to refine later where exactly that
textconv filter is defined.  At this moment, "diff.textconv" is the
only place the user could even contemplate setting one, and there is
no risk for confusion.  "blob.textconv" can be introduced much later
when some users actually want to have a pair of different filters,
at that point "diff.textconv" will become a backward compatiblity
fallback for that filter.
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