Junio C Hamano wrote:
> I am not saying default=single would be _the_ single right way to
> solve it, but "when you have default=single, remote.$name.push is
> used only to describe the mapping, not forcing you to push
> everything out at once" is one possible solution to that.

The big advantage it has, in my opinion, is ease of implementation:
you'd essentially have to grab the remote.<name>.push refspec, rewrite
it to replace refs/heads/*: with $HEAD: and feed that refspec to the
transport layer.  Compare that to inventing a new refspec syntax,
which is a mammoth task.  We can always extend the refspec later, if
we want that.  I wonder if it makes sense to bake the functionality
into current though: will we be breaking anything?

(My opinion has changed after wrestling with the horrible transport layer)
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