Il 26/05/2013 21:00, John Keeping ha scritto:
Regardless of the implementation of the commands, if I do

      mkdir projectA
      cd projectA
      git init .
      git remote add origin remote-repo/projectA.git
      git pull origin master

I get a working repository. If I do

      git clone remote-repo/projectA.git

all I will get is an error.

So the problem is that "git clone" does not seem to perform normal
remote processing if you give it something that looks like a path.

I understand the problem. In the original email that started this thread I asked for...

I suppose that git interprets the argument as a local directory. Git
should see if the argument matches one of the known URLs before
raising an error.

I think all the paths should mean the same in every git command. In this case, checking for insteadOf URLs before failing would solve this problem.


Gioele Barabucci <>
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