Andreas Schwab <> writes:

> Gioele Barabucci <> writes:
>> Simple, I keep all my projects on the same server, so I would like to
>> refer to that server + path using 'remote-repo'.
>> "git+ssh://" insteadOf "remote-repo"
> You can use "remote-repo:" instead.

That "with colon" is pretty much how it was designed to be used, but
the code did not insist that the insteadof has at least the scheme
part, and by mistake allowed something like this

        [url ""] insteadOf = g

to be used with "g/foo" to expand to "".

But if "git fetch g/foo" with such a configuration happily goes to
"" without problems, then I think it is very
reasonable to delay the "is that a local filename?" short-cut "git
clone" does and let the insteadof URL expand take place before it.
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