Matthijs Kooijman wrote:

> Did you consider how to implement this? Looking at the code, it seems
> the "deepen" parameter in the wire protocol now means:
>  - 0: Do not change anything about the shallowness (i.e., fetch
>    everything from the shallow root to the tip).
>  - > 0: Create new shallow commits at depth commits below the tip (so
>    depth == 1 means tip and one below).
>  - INFINITE_DEPTH (0x7fffffff): Remove all shallowness and fetch
>    complete history.
> Given this, I'm not sure how one can express "fetch the tip and nothing
> below that", since depth == 0 already has a different meaning.

If I remember correctly, what we discussed is just changing the
protocol to "5 means a depth of 5". The client already trusts what the
server provides.

Thanks and hope that helps,
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