Hi Jonathan,

> > Did you consider how to implement this? Looking at the code, it seems
> > the "deepen" parameter in the wire protocol now means:
> >  - 0: Do not change anything about the shallowness (i.e., fetch
> >    everything from the shallow root to the tip).
> >  - > 0: Create new shallow commits at depth commits below the tip (so
> >    depth == 1 means tip and one below).
> >  - INFINITE_DEPTH (0x7fffffff): Remove all shallowness and fetch
> >    complete history.
> >
> > Given this, I'm not sure how one can express "fetch the tip and nothing
> > below that", since depth == 0 already has a different meaning.
> If I remember correctly, what we discussed is just changing the
> protocol to "5 means a depth of 5".

The mail from Junio I replied to said:
> >> As long as we do not change the meaning of the "shallow" count
> >> going over the wire

Which seems to conflict with your suggestion. Or are the "shallow count"
and the "depth" different things?

> The client already trusts what the server provides.
In other words: we won't break existing clients if we suddenly send back
one less commit than before, since the client just sends over what it
wants and then assumes that whatever it gets back is really what it


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