On Thu, May 16, 2013 at 10:50:14PM +0200, Thomas Rast wrote:

> With the new --verbose-only=<pattern> option, one can enable --verbose
> at a per-test granularity.  The pattern is matched against the test
> number, e.g.
>   ./t0000-basic.sh --verbose-only='2[0-2]'
> to see only the full output of test 20-22, while showing the rest in the
> one-liner format.
> This is arguably not *too* useful on its own, but makes the next patch
> easier to follow.

Hmm, I don't think this is quite right. Try:

  ./t4052-stat-output.sh --verbose-only=85

The script and test number aren't important; I just picked these at
random, but they show the issue clearly.  The output I get is:

  ok 83 - log respects prefix greater than COLUMNS (big change)
  ok 84 - log --graph respects prefix greater than COLUMNS (big change)
  Switched to a new branch 'branch'
  ok 85 - merge --stat respects COLUMNS (big change)

  expecting success: 
          COLUMNS=100 git merge --stat --no-ff master >output &&
          grep " | " output >actual
          test_cmp expect actual

  ok 86 - merge --stat respects COLUMNS (long filename)

So we see 83 and 84 non-verbose, which is good. And we see the actual
output from 85 (the output from a "git checkout"). But we do not see the
"expecting success" for it. We see it for the _next_ test, which we
should not see at all. So I think your toggling is happening in the
wrong spot, but I haven't looked further than that.

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