Thomas Rast wrote:
> So until this changes, my $0.02 is a blanket NAK and a refusal to spend
> my time reviewing.

Then don't review the damn thing.  With Felipe, I have the following
rule of thumb: make some concrete suggestions and forget about
follow-ups.  He's not going to accept any general guidelines, unless
you're quoting Documentation/SubmittingPatches (and even then, it's
subject to interpretation); so provide a commit message and hope that
either he or Junio will use it.  There is no guarantee that he will
take any of your suggestions, no matter how sensible you think they
might be.  However, he is a productive programmer, and submits fixes
to real issues.  He's stubborn, and we can't do much to change that:
just learn to work with him.  I'm disappointed that I have to point
this out: haven't you learnt anything from previous discussions with

Felipe, I suggest you put this in your commit message:

   This patch implements --copy-notes for 'git cherry-pick' so it can
copy notes in the same way that 'git rebase' does.

That is, if it's not too much trouble.

Stop this back-and-fourth nonsense, both of you.  It's degrading the
community, and hitting everyone's inboxes with garbage.
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