Felipe Contreras wrote:
> What you are really complaining about is that I don't agree with
> *every* single suggestion you make. And since you made them, they must
> be sensible, and single I don't agree with you, I must not be
> sensible, is that right?

Oh, I have no problems: I reviewed git-related, and it resulted in
massive simplifications and improvements; those threads didn't run
wild.  I was mainly criticizing Thomas' review style (when it comes to
reviewing your patches in particular), and was prodding him to "make
concrete suggestions" in a one-email review, and leave it at that.
What started out as a pointer to the guidelines:

Thomas Rast wrote:
> We've been over this already:
>   The body should provide a meaningful commit message, which:

has resulted in this thread running wild.

> There's nothing wrong with me choosing how best to spend my time. Really.

Ofcourse you are.  You have arguably spent it very productively
solving a lot of user issues (especially remote-bzr).

Personally, I try to do the minimum amount of boring work required to
make sure that a good series gets in.  Sometimes this is a little high
(for a recent example, see my pickaxe-doc series).  The result being
that I just won't work on documentation in the future because doing
iterations is so piss boring: the git community needs to recognize
this problem and make amends.
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