Thanks for clarifying this thing for me! I don't really insist on having a master branch it's just that I tried to pull from a repository bundle and I got this error message:

"Cannot merge multiple branches into empty head"

The command was:

git pull ../dump.dmp refs/heads/*:refs/heads/*

Is this a better way of doing this?


2013.05.29. 14:54 keltezéssel, Ramkumar Ramachandra írta:
Matthieu Moy wrote:
the manual of git init says: "An initial HEAD file that references the
HEAD of the master branch is also created."

However, after creating the repository using git init there's no
master branch.
Right, but HEAD still points to it ;-). We sometimes call this an
"unborn branch".
Right.  Let me also add that our prompt has support for this; on an
unborn branch, my prompt looks like:

               the # indicates unborn branch

Please consider using contrib/completion/ to make your life easier.

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