"Ákos, Tajti" <akos.ta...@intland.com> writes:

> Thanks for clarifying this thing for me! I don't really insist on
> having a master branch it's just that I tried to pull from a
> repository bundle and I got this error message:
> "Cannot merge multiple branches into empty head"
> The command was:
> git pull ../dump.dmp refs/heads/*:refs/heads/*
> Is this a better way of doing this?

You are not trying to merge all branches contained in the dump, so
"pull" is a wrong thing to use here.

    $ git fetch --update-head-ok ../dump.dmp refs/heads/*:refs/heads/*

would be one way.  Or you could just use the dumpfile as if it were
a normal remote and say (without running "git init")

    $ git clone dump.dmp undump

to extract it in a new directory "undump" (this may require your
dumpfile created with HEAD, though).

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