Ramkumar Ramachandra <artag...@gmail.com> writes:

>> * rr/die-on-missing-upstream (2013-05-22) 2 commits
>>  - sha1_name: fix error message for @{<N>}, @{<date>}
>>  - sha1_name: fix error message for @{u}
>>  When a reflog notation is used for implicit "current branch", we
>>  did not say which branch and worse said "branch ''".
>>  Waiting for series of rerolls to settle.
> I'm happy with the version in pu, and I don't intend to send any
> re-rolls.

OK, then I'll take a final look at it (I may or may not have
comments after doing so) before merging it down.

> Is there something you're not happy with?

By the way, you probably should stop thinking in terms of "me" being
(un)happy.  I am just trying to help by preventing (collectively) us
making silly mistakes.

> * publish-rev: the @{push} thing is still in the early poc stages.

I presume this is the one that may someday lay foundations for Tytso's
"do not rebase beyond this point, as I have published it already"?

> * for-each-ref-pretty: not ready; working with Duy.

I haven't been paying too much attention to it, but my impression
was a "superset" syntax is coming?  That would be going in the right

> * push-current-head: ready but for the commit message: in your
> opinion, it doesn't "fix" anything other than the output.  I'll
> rewrite and submit soon.

I do not recall what this one is about, but we'll see when you send
it out.

> * pickaxe-doc: you had some more comments in latest iteration, but the
> returns from a re-roll are diminishing.  Frankly, the work is too
> boring: the first few iterations were interesting, because I was
> learning;...

Yeah, some parts of the project is boring and that is not a news.
Think of documentation updates as helping others to learn.
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