Junio C Hamano wrote:
>> Is there something you're not happy with?
> By the way, you probably should stop thinking in terms of "me" being
> (un)happy.  I am just trying to help by preventing (collectively) us
> making silly mistakes.

As a general principle, okay.

IIRC, nobody else had comments on this one.

>> * publish-rev: the @{push} thing is still in the early poc stages.
> I presume this is the one that may someday lay foundations for Tytso's
> "do not rebase beyond this point, as I have published it already"?

Yep.  More importantly, I'll get something I've been wanting badly:
the tracking info in the prompt.

>> * for-each-ref-pretty: not ready; working with Duy.
> I haven't been paying too much attention to it, but my impression
> was a "superset" syntax is coming?  That would be going in the right
> direction.

Yes, a superset with coming with one caveat: %ae will be interpreted
as hex.  I hope to send a large'ish series that also strips out the
-v, -vv code.  Duy basically did most of the work by coming up with a
brilliant way to inject into the pretty-formats machinery.

>> * pickaxe-doc: you had some more comments in latest iteration, but the
>> returns from a re-roll are diminishing.  Frankly, the work is too
>> boring: the first few iterations were interesting, because I was
>> learning;...
> Yeah, some parts of the project is boring and that is not a news.
> Think of documentation updates as helping others to learn.

See, the problem is that I might drop the ball on patches like this
(I've done it before, when I thought the change wasn't important
enough for me to bore myself).  This is definitely important, and I
will see it to completion.  But I'm echoing a more general problem:

If people don't feel like working on it, how will the documentation
improve?  And if the pickaxe-doc was in such bad shape, how could
anyone have been using it?  Do an internet search and see for
yourself.  This feature is _extremely_ useful, and it's a real shame
that it has been so poorly documented for this long.

I'm not advocating a lax review that checks in technically incorrect
documentation; that will confuse users and turn it into a huge
maintenance burden.  But we can maybe go down a notch on style?
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